FAR BEYOND "BREAK & FIX" SUPPORT Because if it never breaks, it never needs fixing FAR BEYOND "BREAK & FIX" SUPPORT Because if it never breaks, it never needs fixing

A new model of IT support, for a new age of technology reliance

The traditional break-fix support model is broken. It shouldn’t take days to diagnose and fix problems when they arise. Waident integrates its services into your company to ensure your technology issues never become technology problems.  Proactive support means we can work around your employees’ schedules to minimize downtime. We’ll even work to reduce your billing and administrative headaches.

  • Proactive &

    We manage and monitor every device on your network so we can preemptively fix or replace your technology before major problems even occur.
  • Every Person & Every Device

    Our services integrate into your teams and their technology. If something is critical to your employees’ productivity, we keep it healthy and working.
  • More than a Remote
    Help Desk

    When you call us, you’ll speak to someone who knows your technology and your company inside out. We’ll even help you reduce administration headaches.


Get the support you need, before you need it

Contact Waident to see how they can solve your IT support issues before they become a fiasco. Consultations and estimates are free.

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