“Waident’s approach is much more proactive...”

Waident and Epic Land Solutions


BJ Swanner

IT Manager

Epic Land Solutions, Inc.

Real Property & Right of Way Consulting Firm

Torrance, CA


Paint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department

When I joined Epic Land Solutions in 2008, there was just one part-time IT person somehow managing four offices and supporting about 30 users. One of my first projects was working with Waident to upgrade our infrastructure with new hardware and servers and converting to VOIP. We initially brought in Waident just to get us over this project hump, but we had a really good experience and decided to retain them on an ongoing basis. We were impressed by their knowledge and responsiveness.

Prior to working with Waident, we were putting out a lot of fires with the contractors who support our business. We shifted to providing laptops for these contractors, which Waident then used Waident Watch to remotely monitor and manage. This remote management means that our contractors get better support and no longer need to come in to an office for service.

What does Waident do particularly well?

We are a pretty reactive business. Without Waident, strategic IT projects would get relegated to the back burner until something went wrong. Waident’s approach is much more proactive, constantly monitoring our servers and managing virus/malware updates. Issues get reported instantly!

I consider Waident a part of my larger IT team of internal staff rather than just vendors or consultants. In fact, they make it easier to work with other vendors. For example, we were having slow response time from our hosted router vendor, so Waident got access to login information. Waident gives me faster response time so I’m not waiting on the vendor.

Are there any standout examples of how Waident worked with your company that you found particularly exemplary?

We continue to grow, and recently it was time to upgrade our servers again. Waident proactively suggested that we move to a virtual server, something we knew nothing about. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done! We now have test environments and easily expandable capacity.

About the Company

Epic Land Solutions, Inc. is a California UDBE, Oregon M/W/ESB, and Washington M/W/DBE full-service real property/right of way consulting firm whose purpose is to acquire and manage real property interests needed by clients to construct infrastructure facilities.

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