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How many employees does Waident have?

20+ and growing

What does Waident do?

Waident is an IT outsourcer that helps pragmatic SMBs reduce the frequency, duration, severity, and cost of the inevitable IT fiasco. 

Acting as your proactive and responsive IT function, we deliver the strategy, security, and support that keeps your people productive, your enterprise running, and your data safe. 

How long has Waident been in business?

Since 2004

What capabilities does Waident have?

We are an IT outsourcer with expertise in strategy, security, and support. Visit our Solutions page for details.

What makes you different from other IT firms?

We’re a disciplined, process-driven, and a little weird. We focus on your people and your business first, THEN the IT.

Why should I hire you instead of hiring an IT employee?

GREAT question. Sometimes it does make a lot more sense to hire an IT person instead of using a 3rd-party IT partner. There’s not a single best answer for this one since every company has different business models, strategies, budgets, expectations, and needs.

Our organization has individuals with varying degrees of technology experience, how is Waident equipped to handle this?

We support 3,000+ unique users–from noobs to techies. We’ve been there, done that and enjoy working with everyone in between.

Explain the remote support service — will I get the same high quality support?

We help clients remotely not just because we can (i.e. it is easier for us and cost effective for clients) but because we can normally handle it much faster without compromising our high customer service level. It is a win/win.

Is my data safe and secure?

We work hard to make that happen. Any data that we hold is redundant, secure, and regularly tested to ensure proper cyber security best practices. However, keeping client data safe and secure requires the client company to follow good security best practices–unfortunately, too many companies do NOT.

What if I want somebody to come to my office instead of supporting me over the Internet or phone?

Just ask! We can schedule someone to be onsite.

Why do I need a CIO?

Any function that has strategic impact on the business needs someone looking forward. Without high-level perspective and deep knowledge, companies just react to the business’ day-to-day needs whether that’s people, products or IT.

What software do you support?

For the most part, anything off-the-shelf that you have from Windows to CRM to HR. Most of our clients have at least one proprietary or unique application. We work closely with the manufacturer and build documentation which often allows us to become experts and support the platform.

What hardware do you cover?

Pretty much anything you have or need-desktops, laptops, servers, monitors, cameras, phones–even drones.

Is Waident equipped to handle the unique needs of my business?

Great question! We are a perfect fit for some companies and not a good fit for some companies and others. Let’s talk. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you and recommend someone who can.

If I need to order equipment, will you help with that?

You bet. We do this all of the time.

Will you work with my 3rd-party vendors?

Absolutely. You contact us and we handle the rest.

What certifications does your team have?

The team is certified in Microsoft, Cisco, Network Plus, and other high end security platform certifications.

Is my business too small for you to work with?

Possibly, but we do support very small companies. The question is do you need what we do?

How do you handle the transition from my current provider to you?

With as much grace as possible to minimize disruption. We have a comprehensive onboarding process that helps reduce the complexity and ensures a smooth transition.

How do you charge? Hourly, monthly, retainer?

Many of our clients pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited support and others pay us using a block-of-hours arrangement.

Am I assigned a certain tech who works with us all of the time?

No! In our experience, that is a poor solution. We work in teams and you will be assigned a dedicated Client Manager.

What happens if my key tech leaves? This has happened before and it was like starting all over.

There’s no drama when this happens at Waident. First, this is a rare event for us, but when it does, since we document everything and work in teams, there is never the chance of someone walking away with everything in their head causing support problems.

Is your team full-time employees or do you outsource any?

All full time employees.

Will I be able to review my tickets?

Yes. We give clients access to the same Helpdesk ticket system we use so they can see details of the tickets if they want to.

How do I submit support tickets?

Super easy with an email or phone call. You can even use our Helpdesk portal if you really want to.

What are your hours?

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST.

Do you have after hours and weekend hours?

Yup. No one works 9 to 5 any more. We have an on call team nights and weekends to help.

Do you repair computers?

We don’t run to your office with a bag of tools, but we do work with the manufacturer to get the repair done.

How are techs assigned to tickets?

All tickets go through a centralized dispatch process and then assigned to the appropriate technician.

What if I have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately ?

Sh*t happens so we are ready for when it does. Just call our Helpdesk line or send an email to our urgent team and we will help you right away.

After I submit a ticket, how long do I have to wait for someone to work on my issue?

We try to be as responsive as possible and get back to all users within 15 minutes depending on the priority. Agreement wise the service level response times vary depending on the agreement type.

Does Waident supply a full time, on site employee?

Yes definitely if that is what you need.

If I call for support, will I speak with a person?

That’s the goal!

What if I don’t want to speak to a person when I call support?

Um, then maybe you should email a helpdesk ticket in   : )

Or we also give you the option to leave a voicemail when calling the Helpdesk.

I’m concerned about my network environment, what can we do to make sure I’m up to speed?

We do a comprehensive review of the infrastructure as a part of our onboarding process. You will know all of the things you are doing right, your risks, and the upgrades that should take place.

I have concerns that my company isn’t doing enough to be secure

You are probably correct. We work with clients to educate them on cyber security best practices and take actions needed to make the environment more secure.

I see you have three locations, will the techs assigned always be nearby?

We work in teams so even if the local tech is not available right away we will get someone else on the team to help.

How do you handle employee hires and terminations?

Process, process, process. We have check-off sheets and an internal process to ensure this is done accurately and communicated effectively.

Do you just support businesses in the Chicago/Milwaukee area?

We support clients across the country. Many of our clients have headquarters in the Chicago or Milwaukee, but then they also have offices in other states/cities. We support them as well.

Who are your strategic partners?

We have a lot of strategic partners for nearly all aspects of business. Shoot me an email and I bet I’ve got guy or gal that can help

Are you a Microsoft, IBM, XXXX certified partner?

Yes with Microsoft, Dell, Fortinet, Palo Alto, and a host of other top companies

Do you design/build/maintain websites?

No sorry. We can help support them but we refer website development and such to one of our strategic partners

Do you make commission or fees from hardware or software providers?

Yes sometimes we do.

Do you support phones (BYOD)?


What is a TBR?

A TBR (Technology Business Review) is a meeting with our clients to discuss a host of technology and business related items. Security, risks, helpdesk reports, backups, best practices, and the list goes on.

What is the background of your support team?

The teams background varies. Most are diverse with having previous jobs doing other things in business besides IT and they moved in to IT because of their passion. Ultimately this makes them more “people” oriented and not your typical “IT Geek”.

How many clients do you have?

Over 110 and growing

What is your clients’ satisfaction level?

We have metric for this! We average year over year a 4.7 out of 5. We always have room to learn and improve.

Do you specialize in any industry or technology?

Not particularly.

How are you different than Best Buy’s Geek Squad?

Well we are not geeks to start off. We are similar in some ways but the Best Buy Geek Squad is mainly tech focused and we are people and business focused.

How do you help prevent a Ransomware breakout?

We worry about Ransomware infections and manage for it. We have robust processes in place to help prevent a ransomware attack and if it does happen, you can recover quickly

My current and last IT partner kind of sucked. How do I know you will be better?

Because we suck less! We do get this question way too often. The standard of service for a lot of IT providers is unfortunately pretty low. No easy answer, but after talking with us you get a pretty good idea of our culture and how we will take great care of you

Do you make house calls?

You bet.

Can you help with cyber security?

Absolutely. We have been helping clients with security for years and long before it became the thing to do for all IT providers. Security is deep in our culture and DNA.

Do I need to be at my computer to have someone remotely help?

Nope. In fact if we need to work on your computer, we even ask if there is a good time to help while you are away so we do not disrupt your work.

Can I schedule a time for someone to help me?

Yes definitely.

Can I get a copy of my IT documentation any time I want?

Yup. Better yet, we share out documentation platform with our clients so they have access to the same document we have. We are the authors, but it is your documentation.

How do you ensure that when I hire a new employee that everything is done before their first day?

Process, process, and process. It is not rocket science but if you have a good process in place and a checkoff sheet, amazing things can happen. The last thing anyone wants is to hire a new employee and look bad because their computer is not setup correctly.

Can I get an accurate inventory of all of my computers?

Yes you can. Our technology management platform can run an inventory report any time you need one.

How do you know if I am secure?

If we are managing your security we will have reports to prove you are as secure as possible. If you do not care much about your security then you really do not have any idea.

Do you do any kind of training?

No not really any kind of formal training. We do a lot of group information sharing on topics like security, Office 365, working remotely, etc. These are very interactive peer driven with some IT guidance.

How do I know if my backups are reliable in case I ever need them?

Test them! We test all backups on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly and we give the client a report.

Do you help with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning?

You bet.

Do you monitor my servers and other critical systems?

Absolutely. We monitor and alert on all critical systems. Servers, internet, websites, applications, anything critical to your business.

Can you help with printers and copiers?

Sure. We help set them up and troubleshoot when needed. If there is a need to contact service we handle that.

Can you support my custom applications?

Certainly. We have a lot of clients who have custom applications. We are the first line for all troubleshooting needs and help with setup.

Can you block non-corporate application from working?

Definitely. As a part of our security platform our management tools can whitelist or blacklist applications as needed.

Do you help with smartphones, tablets, and other gear like that?

Of course. All makes and models.

Can you help recover a stolen laptop?

Actually we can and have done this for a client. Funny story we can share when you have 10 minutes.

When I speak with a technician, will I need a translator to go from techno-speak to something I can understand?

Nope. Our team is well versed in business speak and we keep the tech speak to the bare minimum.

I’m not very technical. Will I be able to get help and not feel stupid?

Of course.

Can I get access to the ticketing systems to see all of my employee requests?

Yes. Many of our clients have access to our Helpdesk platform so they can see all of the tickets and notes that we do. Transparency.

Will you help me buy new equipment?

Any time. We lead the charge when needed to determine the best equipment and will order it using the best option for the client.

Will you help me buy a new computer for home?

You bet.

How do you keep my documentation up to date?

Lots of constant effort! We work in teams so that goes a long way to make sure the documentation is always up to date.

What do you do to ensure I have redundancy built-in to my systems?

We look at all of the systems to determine if there is an option for redundancy and we discuss it with the client. We implement anything we can and do testing when possible.