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Waident and RightPoint Consulting  


Jon Oestermeyer

CIO & Director of Customer Care

RightPoint Consulting LLC.

Business, Technology & Design Consulting

Chicago, IL


Paint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department

Before we brought Waident on board, I provided IT support as time allowed. When we had 10-12 people, it was not that bad. As a technology-based company, we have people who could do many things themselves. We found as we grew, however, that we were often solving problems the quick way versus the right way.

Waident has helped us build technical processes and procedures that are more appropriate for a growing 90-person company. For example, they helped us move from a hosted email provider with all their limitations to our own Exchange server. This move has helped us communicate more effectively with our customers. Also, we can now manage and troubleshoot issues ourselves versus waiting in line with the vendor to get resolution.

What does Waident do particularly well?

Waident has a very quick response time. It is rarely more than one or two hours between request and resolution. Our employees are technically smart enough to be dangerous, and Waident will often suggest quick fixes to empower us to solve some issues ourselves.

Our Waident relationship started with helpdesk support, but we’ve found that as our organization has grown they have helped us think about the technology landscape overall. They proactively suggest possible infrastructure improvements like database upgrades.

Are there any standout examples of how Waident worked with your company that you found particularly exemplary?

Waident has great availability when we need them. Just the other day, one of our team members put a service request in at 7 pm at night, and was corresponding after-hours with a Waident support person, who delivered the solution.

About the Company

RightPoint Consulting LLC creates world class digital solutions that drive profitable growth and sustainable competitive advantage for its clients. The company combines user-centered design, innovative technologies and strategic alignment to deliver the right solution the first time. RightPoint’s clients include Abbott, BP, Culligan, Feldco, Kimberly-Clark, New Balance, Whirlpool, Ulta Beauty and the University of Chicago.

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