THERE'S A REASON OUR CLIENTS LOVE US More than just support. An IT partner that truly cares. THERE'S A REASON OUR CLIENTS LOVE US More than just support. An IT partner that truly cares.

Regardless of your industry, your size, or your the way your business is changing, Waident can support, enrich, and plan your IT strategy. Waident seamlessly integrates into your business to ensure IT issues never become IT problems. See what some of our current clients are saying about us.

“Waident has provided invaluable knowledge and tips to our building tenants each month at no charge. This unique offer is something that many companies pay consultants for, and their services have been utilized heavily as a result of these monthly Technology Business Review meetings! We are extremely pleased to partner with Waident to provide this monthly opportunity to our Tenants, and are impressed with the attendance we have seen thus far at the meetings. We hope to continue our partnership and expand the size of the meetings to maximize impact.”

Dolores Wildner

“Waident is one of the best IT support teams I’ve worked with in my 20-year career in business. They’ve got a great mix of expertise, along with friendly and professional technicians. Everyone on my team appreciates the positive experiences they have with Waident…and since we’re in the client service industry as well, we’ve got high standards for service that Waident always meets!”

Jennifer  Wimmer

“Abbell Credit Corporation has been a client of Waident Technology Solutions since 2013.  I have always found the staff of Waident to be professional, responsive, cooperative, considerate and knowledgeable about a wide range of technological issues.  They have assisted with new computer setup, evaluated out IT security and implemented an offsite virus protection system, upgraded our entire office to Microsoft 365 cloud based system, saving us thousands of dollars in server replacement and upgrade.  They have the expertise, knowledge and skill to assist in implementing mobile access for our corporate files on all types of mobile devices.  It is a pleasure to work with this team of IT professionals.”

 Al O’Donnell

“What’s peace of mind for an Owner of a Contemporary Printing Company?? In a word – Waident.  Thank goodness for these people. In a world of uncertainty and internet hacking our friends at Waident proactively defend our IT Infrastructure from attacks and make sure our IT Ops run with precision”

President and CEO


“Very quick response time…”

“Waident has great availability when we need them. Just the other day, one of our team members put a service request in at 7 pm at night, and was corresponding after-hours with a Waident support person, who delivered the solution.” Read More >>


“Waident’s approach is much more proactive…”

“My staff and I have been really happy with Waident. I no longer have to worry about technology because they are proactive about suggesting new software I might need, managing my data back-ups, and enhancing systems I already have.” Read More >>


“I appreciate their high-level guidance…”

“They help me think through network and security issues and are very conscious of not throwing around a lot of money for projects. They go over the details of a project so I feel like I understand. But mostly I like not having to think about technology because Waident has it under control.” Read More >>


“Took away my worries about technology…”

“I consider Waident a part of my larger IT team of internal staff rather than just vendors or consultants. In fact, they make it easier to work with other vendors.” Read More >>


“Truly functions as an extension of my business…”

“With Waident, I get the responsive, helpful support I expect and with predictable monthly billing. They bring a holistic, business-oriented approach to planning my infrastructure, anticipating my needs.” Read More >>


Get the support you need, before you need it

Contact Waident to see how we can solve your IT support issues before they become problems. Consultations and estimates are free.

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