We get it. IT sucks. We make it suck a lot less.

Think of Waident as your virtual technology support department.

We keep your people productive and happy with IT whether it’s at home or work.

Help Desk & End User Support

We provide support for anything related to technology, from computers, printers, and peripherals to phone systems, smartphones, email programs, and operating systems. 

  • Windows & Mac
  • Home & Business Computers
  • Tablets, Smart Phones & Laptops
  • Printers, Copiers & Other Peripherals
  • Desk Phones
  • Drivers & Updates
  • Custom, Popular, & Microsoft Applications

Technology Management

Have servers or other more complex hardware that’s key to your business? Waident can manage that too. If it operates in a server room or data center, we can ensure it keeps working. Waident also monitors and analyzes your hardware, applications, and connectivity to ensure you operate at peak efficiency and your hardware grows with you.

  • Servers and Dedicated Hardware
  • Cloud platforms
  • Networks & VPNs
  • Network Hardware
  • Internet & Dedicated Connectivity
  • Technology Analysis & Reporting
  • Application Management

Strategic Technology Guidance

When your business grows or changes, will your technology adapt effectively and efficiently? Waident provides guidance when you’re ready to upgrade technology, move your business, purchase new equipment, or hire new people. We’ll change and grow with you to ensure you have the correct technology at the correct time.


  • Billing & Administration Processes
  • Business Relocation
  • New Employee Technology Setup
  • Application Changes & Upgrades
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Network Changes

What You Also Receive

  • One number to call for any support issue
  • True customer understanding & advocacy
  • Ultra-responsiveness to all requests
  • Best in class SLA
  • Onsite and remote services

Why we say, “We suck less.”

The expression started as a joke because nearly everyone we met complained about their IT. Ironically, the complaints we heard were simple things we were already addressing. 

So, the saying became our way telling others that we understand your IT frustrations. 


Why Do Clients Choose Waident?

Here are 100 Reasons Why Our Clients Chose Waident Over Other MSPs.

Our Thinking On Support

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