Pat Giantomasso

Client Relationship Manager & Client Support Analyst

Pat Giantomasso

Client Relationship Manager & Client Support Analyst

I’ve been into computers since I was a little kid, but I began my professional career when I was 21.

I play soccer, both indoor and outdoor, all year round.

Where did you get your degree?

Purdue University

Where were you born?

Born and raised here in Chicago

What do you think sets Waident apart?

We understand the business aspect of the IT world and will listen to what the client wants instead of telling the client what they need.

What clients say about the support he provides:

“Patrick communicated the whole time and Sean and he teamed up to solve the issue. While I was off line for most of the morning, they were diligently working to resolve. Much thanks to them both.”

“Patrick was great. He asked questions to understand my issue and then fixed it quickly.”

“Patrick is a gem. He is kind and knowledgeable and wants clients to be effective. Thanks!”

“Patrick was very helpful and able to give us some ideas for future needs and resolutions as well.”

Tell us about some of your favorite things.

I am an action movie junkie. If it has action, I have probably seen it.

Sports Team
Not much on watching sports, I’d rather play them. But when I do, I stick with the home teams.

I still play soccer, both indoor and outdoor all year round. I’ll play any sport if someone asks me to join in. I also spend some time playing video games, board games, etc.

Family Time
I am married with no kids yet, but that will change soon enough I’m sure. I am close with both my family and my wife’s and take vacations with them both yearly.

Favorite vacation spots
If I could, I would live in Hawaii! My family tries to go every 4 years and this is my favorite place to be. My wife and will take an annual trip to Cedar Point with a group of friends to enjoy some coasters.

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