Mike Spellman

Senior Client Support Analyst

Mike Spellman

Senior Client Support Analyst

Officially, 5 years now. Unofficially, I’ve been helping everyone I know with computer problems since 6th grade when my family got a computer.

My mom comes from a family of 10 kids, and my dad from a family of 6 – so I have plenty of aunts and uncles and cousins and second cousins and it’s ever-growing.

Where did you get your degree?

I went to school at Western Illinois University and studied Computer Science.

Where were you born?

Evanston, IL

What do you think sets Waident apart?

What sets Waident apart is our relationship with the client. I think we have more of a personal relationship with clients – most of us have met most of our clients, or if not we’re at least familiar with the majority of the people who send in tickets, and that’s a large number of people. We have had clients come in for lunches, we have a variety of people going on site to client locations regularly, etc. I think that makes clients more comfortable with us, and more forgiving of the troubleshooting process.

What clients say about the support he provides:

“A+ Good communication and explanations.”

“Mike was great. Overall, talking on the phone shortens the process considerably.”

“The level of service exceeds expectations.”

“Mike Spellman was very helpful, courteous, and professional. So much so, we have no problems today, and we are all satisfied with the resolve. Thank you.”

“Mike did a great job including a terrific summary of what he did and why!”

Tell us about some of your favorite things.

My all time favorite is probably 1954’s “On the Waterfront” with Marlon Brando.  Also in contention is “City of God” (2002).  Most recently, I just saw both the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, and loved them!

Sports Team
Bulls and Bears mostly, bandwagon Hawks fan.

Finding new music, reading, running, basketball, golf, video games.

Family Time
I have a wife and two wonderful daughters – one in Elementary School and the other in Jr. High School, and little 10 pound doggy named Minnie. I enjoy spending time with them on our trips to Hawaii, Disney World and the Caribbean.

Television Show
If not sports, I’ll usually watch something on demand each night – American Ninja Warrior (and the original Ninja Warrior with the dubbed voiceovers), The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones (more anticipating the next book though – the show is kind of a different beast altogether).

I try to keep an open mind when it comes to music, and ever since Spotify came to the US 3 years ago, it’s been easier than ever to explore all kinds of music.  So I will listen to pretty much anything that gets a good review.  But recently, I’ve loved M. Ward, Elbow, Beck, Andrew Bird, King Creosote, and The xx.

Favorite books
Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, and anything from Bradon Sanderson or Neil Gaiman

My favorite vacation spot is Scottsdale, AZ, but my favorite vacation was going to Las Vegas for New Year’s 1999 – I was in 7th I spent most of my time in the casino arcades while my parent’s won me quarters to spend on the most hi-tech video games of the 90’s.  It was heaven in the city of sin.

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