John Ahlberg

Founder & CEO

John Ahlberg

Founder & CEO

A long time. Over 22 years.

Men Without Hats, Descendants, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, XTC, among other 80’s ska/punk/new wave bands.

Where did you get your degree?

Business degree from the University of Baltimore.

Where were you born?

Lansing, Michigan.

What do you think sets Waident apart?

We’re very people focused. We see the mistakes our competition make and we don’t make them. And, we also liberate any good ideas.

Tell us about some of your favorite things.

No singled out movies. Any movie that makes me think, takes me away, and have a strong emotional kick.

Sports Team
None for me. Not in to watching sports, but enjoy playing them when I have the opportunity.

Golf, scuba before kids, working out, skiing again after 20 years, reading.

Family Time
I have a wife and two wonderful daughters – one in Elementary School and the other in Jr. High School, and little 10 pound doggy named Minnie. I enjoy spending time with them on our trips to Hawaii, Disney World and the Caribbean.

Television Show
Myth Busters, Brain Games, Castle, Survivor, Seinfeld.

I love listing to NPR shows. Some of my favorites – Car Talk, This American Life, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Marketplace, and Science Friday.

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