2019 Employee Manual Signature Page

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Company’s employee handbook and understand that I am obliged to read and familiarize myself with its content, as well as abide by its terms.

I understand and agree;

  • That nothing in this handbook in any way creates an expressed or implied contract of employment and that the Company does not intend to create a contract of employment by placing these matters in writing;
  • That, if employed, I must comply with all Company policies and rules found in any Company policy manual, employment handbook, procedure manual, safety manual, or other written or verbal communications from the Company;
  • That the Company reserves the right to make changes in content or application of its policies as it deems appropriate, that these changes may be implemented even if they have not been communicated to employees or, reprinted or submitted in this or another handbook;
  • That I will not use or disclose outside my employment with the Company, either during or after my employment, any confidential information, trade secret, or proprietary information, whatever its form, obtained in connection with my employment with the Company;
  • That employment is “at-will.” That any employment that may be offered is of an indefinite duration, and that either I or the Company can terminate this employment at-will at any time, for any reason or no reason, with or without notice; 
  • That progressive disciplinary procedures or other procedures and policies in the handbook are not all-inclusive, and management reserves the right to terminate employees at any time with or without reason.
  • That no person other than the CEO of Waident Technology Solutions has any authority to enter into an agreement of employment on behalf of the Company.
  • This manual will be updated from time to time, I will be notified of the changes, given a chance to review them and then will be required to sign a receipt annually.

As part of this handbook, I have received a copy of the:

  • Electronic Mail, Internet and Computer Usage Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • COBRA Notice


Handbook Dated:  January 2019

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